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Description :

Flabia Fresh Alolime soap is very safe and natural. It is loaded with natural Aloevera  Extract, Lemon and Aroma Essential Oil which is ideal in distinctive qualities and aroma to an everyday cleaning agent. This soap is made with fresh, juicy, zesty and fruity essential oils.Let us be more precise here on the salient power behind aloe slowing down your aging process.

It is because it contains powerful ingredients that improve the well-being of a healthy skin, making it the most sought-after commodity in the cosmetic industries for producing high quality skincare products.

That is why, when one start using the soap, the difference will be visualized with huge some positive changes like skin glowing like that of a baby, well hydrated, nourished and breathing. You get rejuvenated. Well after these vast changes which you will get, we can surely nail it by saying that you do not need anybody to tell “How You Look Good”. You will notice it all by yourself.

Benefits related to Flabia Fresh Alolime Soap :

Flabia Fresh Alolime soap is composed with 76 percentage TFM (Total Fatty Matter). Higher the TFM, its better and pure. It helps in giving more lather, greater longevity and also the ability to clean skin more effectively.

· It leaves the skin fresh and soft.

· Lime combined with Aloevera helps in retaining the skin moisture to keep it soft.

· The natural fragrance of this soap bar has the true aroma of fresh limes.

·  Also works as gentle astringent and helps in toning the skin.