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  • Product Code : 2311
  • MRP : 199.00
  • Size : 250 gms
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Description :

The Flabia Fresh Dignity represents nature vastness and pristine beauty , spirituality and mystique. The word “Dignity” itself portrays about the sophistication that it carries along with it. So, Flabia Fresh has launched this tea , which assures you to be the finest tea in the world. Our Dignity tea is crafted with love, care and expertise. Only the finest of finest bud amongst all are being plucked  from the rarest of tea plants.  Our master blender selects only caffeine which later on converts to individual tea powder to create “THE ULTIMATE GOURMET” experience that is simply aromatic, flavorful and heart melting. 

Flabia Fresh Dignity Premium Tea is made for the exclusive pleasure of connoisseur. An evocative mood-maker which will give you a very cozy environment, the time you seek for solitude. Adds magic to a gracious get-together which proves to be an exquisite and memorable gift. The most important thing is that it is loaded with anti-oxidants , keeps you healthy and helps you to get rid of stress.