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Flabia Fresh
Magic Berries Drinking Gel (500 ml)
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MRP : 650.00
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  • 500 ml
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FLABIA MAGIC BERRIES is a very unique product.


Each ingredients in it contains benefits for all walks of life and practically for all common and major ailments. this product is a proud innovation of Flabia HERBALS and shall be the fastest selling product of Flabia in near Future.

Ingredients - Acaiberry, Blue berry, Rashberry,Cranberry,Blackberry, Gooseberry,Bilberry,Gojiberry, Elderberry, Strawberry, Mulberry,Dewberry,Bayberry, Crowberry,Bearberry,Sea Buckthron.

Benefits : 

a)Improves Memory power. 
b)protects against Nerve degeneration. 
c)Reduces stress& Anxiety. 
d)Postpones Cognitive problems frequently associated with Ageing.
e)Improves Neuronal signaling and learning capacity.
f)Protects the Brain from  Oxidative stress .
g)Improves your mood.
h)Improves navigational skills balance and coordination.

Usage : children upto 8 years:- 5ml mix with 100ml water twice daily.

Above 8years :- 10ml mix with 100ml in water twice daily.

Special instructions:- for specified ailments 15-20 ml mix in 100ml water twice daily.


Pregnant and nursing can have on doctors consultation strictly.







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