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Sea-Buckthron Drinking Gel (500 ml)

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  • Size : 500 ml
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Description :

Flabia Sea Buckthorn ( Himalayan Berry) Juice is made from 100% fresh fruits, concentrated. Flabia Sea bucthorn juice is very rich source of Omega 3,6,9 and the rarest of rare Omega7. It is also rich source of VitaminC. Flabia Sea Buckthorn juice has 12 times more Vitamin C than Orange.Also contains Calcium and 12 types of Amino acids. Flabia Sea Buckthorn. Is 100% pure concentrated juice and No preservative or Additives have been added. Ingredients and its medicinal values:- OMEGA 3,6,7&9-- - Supports healthy cardio Vascular Function - Sustain proper Brain and nervous system function. - Promotes Healthy Urogenital lining VITAMINS A,C, E- Benefits Colon and prostrate health. Contributes to proper Brain and nervous system functioning. - Enhances eye health for better vision. - Relieves Sore joints ANTI - OXIDANT :- - Fights cell damaging free radicals - provides anti ageing benefits - Support healthy cell reproduction - Healthy Immune system functioning and cellular rejunevation - Healthy skin and Hair FLAVONOID:- Helps fight cell damaging free radicals. - Asists in the process of healthy cellular rejunuvation. - Promotes healthy immune system function CAROTENOIDS- Beta carotene Asists in slowing the aging process. - Lycopene maintains prostrate and colon cell health. ZEAXANTHIN- Supports Eye Health MINERALS-- Helps the Body produce energy. - Helps the body support growth - Supports cell reproduction and rejunuvation. ENERGY-- Enhances Mental clarity and promotes stamina - sustained natural energy ANTI-INFLAMMTION--Assists in healthy inflammatory response - Supports healthy cardiovascular system - Relieves Sore joints Dosage:- 5yrs to 12 yrs - 5ml twice daily Before meals. Above 12 years 15 ml twice daily ( for 1st week) From 2nd week 20 ml twice daily before meals. Please note need to mix in Luke warm water and drink.