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Aloevera Drinking Gel (500 ml)

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  • Size : 500 ml
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Description :

Flabia Fresh Aloevera Gel is  a unique food supplement containing multi purpose and multi nutritional qualities. It possesses multi action so that helps to prevent diseases. It contains Vitamins, Enzymes, Mineral Laxatives(Anthraquinones), Lignins, Saponin, Fatty Acid, Salicylic Acid, Amino Acid, Protein and Sugar. It provides a rich cocktail of nutritional elements which combines action and balance together to be more powerful to fight against the problems in the body, as they work together, enhancing each others offsets known as “ Synergism”.  It also has “Adaptogenic” properties which means it is a nontoxic substance and a specially a plant extract that helps to increase the bodys ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promotes or restores normal physiological functioning It is the powerhouse of antioxidants, antibiotics work as stimulators of cell growth and have scar and pain inhibitor properties. Keeping our promises to provide our customer with best of quality & best of results, we have come with this product.  This gel is extracted from natural & healthy Aloe Vera plant grown under strict supervision of eminent scientists and the whole manufacturing process goes through proper testing at every state to ensure that they meet the highest standard of quality and purity. Flabia Aloe Vera Gel is comprised of the most valuable, most exclusive Aloe Vera to enhance our health. Flabia Aloe Vera Gel is unique and most natural solution to enhance proper functioning in the body. This product is scientifically proved and hence contains no side effects. This product is produced under GMP regulations, have got internationally acclaimed HALAL Certification.

 Benefits related to this product : 

· It helps in losing belly fat fast.

· It is also highly effective for the problems like diabetic, asthma, osteoarthritis, bowel diseases including ulcerative colitis, glaucoma and other vision problems, etc.

· It helps in painful menstruation.

· It helps to drain toxins out of the body.

· It is helpful in asthma.

· It helps in general fatigue.

· It do have nutritional qualities which helps in repairing the damaged  epithelial tissue and preventing the injured ones. Aloe Vera Gel helps a person to maintain good health

· Aloe Vera Gel is known to help to detoxify the body and cleanse the colon. The detoxification properties of the gel also work to detoxify the blood stream.

· It is also said that Aloe Vera Gel could benefit a person with intestinal or stomach problems.

· It could aid in the healing of ulcers and help the digestive tract to work smoothly.

· Aloe Vera Gel improves blood circulation

· The aloe helps dilate the capillaries and aid in cell growth.

· Flabia Aloe Vera Gel helps in general fatigue

· It acts as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent, preventing illness.

· The overall effect of taking Aloe Vera Gel regularly can be a feeling of energy and health.

· Heals from the inside

· Helps in urinary tract infection.

· Beneficial in kidney stones, gall bladder stones

· Helping in painful menstruation

· Reduces cholesterol level (LDL)

· Prevents from cancer & stunt existing tumors from propagating

 Directions  For Use :

Adults  :  Take 20-30 ml daily with water, half an hour before meal.

Children  :  Take 10 ml daily or  under the guidance of professionals.