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Zaitoon Oil ( extra virgin olive oil )

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Description :

Legend has it that the olive tree was a gift from the “Mother Nature” to humanity. Zaitoon or Olive Oil refers as liquid gold, and it the richest gift of heaven. For centuries, a gift of olive oil was a welcome treasure. Food-lovers have never entirely forgotten the delightful golden fluid, but in recent years, a new awareness of the benefits of Olive Oil / Zaitoon Oil has been born. Science has turned its investigative eye upon it in recent years, and numerous studies have only reinforced the notion that Olive Oil / Zaitoon Oil is an amazing substance with numerous benefits.

Why Flabia Fresh Zaitoon Oil / Olive Oil ?

Flabia Fresh Zaitoon or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a HALAL and KOSHER certified product formulated under International GMP regulations.

Below are the benefits of Flabia Fresh Zaitoon/Olive Oil, we came up with:

· Preshampoo Hair Treatment :

Olive oil has been used as a hair treatment since ancient Egyptian times. First, warm the olive oil in the microwave or in hot water. Then apply it generously to the ends of hair and scalp. Leave it in for up to 10 to 20 minutes, and then shampoo it out.

· Lip Scrub :

Combine coarse sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil for a chapped-lip fix. You can also add a splash of lemon juice for added flavor and acidic exfoliating properties. This scrub is good enough to eat. Plus, you can expand the recipe for your whole body.

· Eye-Makeup Remover :

Slathering olive oil all over your face would actually cause bigger problems and clog pores. But in actuality, the oil grabs onto other oil-based products (think: Like attracts like), making it a great pre-cleansing step to remove stubborn eye makeup. Follow it up with warm water and a pH-balanced face wash.

· Ear-Wax Remedy :

If you often have ear-wax buildup, turn to olive oil to flush out the clog. For three or four nights, put a few drops in the ears before bed to help loosen excess wax.

· Shine Serum :

There is no need to buy a separate hair product to impart shine on second-day strands. Just rub a few drops of olive oil on flyaway ends after styling for an extra-glossy finish.

· Shaving Cream :

Run out of shaving cream? Head to the kitchen and slather legs with olive oil before applying the blade. You will ward off razor burn and bumps with the help of this natural lubricant.

· Antibacterial Balm :

If you are taking an all-natural approach to medicine, you can whip up this DIY recipe for a Neosporin knockoff. It includes antibacterial olive oil along with lavender, calendula, and tea tree oil to ward off germs and scarring.

· Cuticle Conditioner :

Want to grow longer, stronger nails? Use olive oil as your cuticle softener. Apply the oil to the hands while cooking, and you can easily keep a little by the sink for post-sanitizing moisture.

· Eczema Remedy :

The best and most widespread use for olive oil is as an intense moisturizer. This product works great as an allover treatment for extra-dry skin. Since it as natural, it is the ideal pick for eczema and more.

· Diaper-Rash Treatment :

There are very few products that are safe for both babies and adults. Olive oil is perfect for the sensitive skin on a babys bottom and as a moisturizing remedy for cradle cap too.

· Cracked-Heel Repair :

Split, rough heels need moisture to heal. After exfoliating with a pumice stone, apply olive oil to feet. Put on socks to lock in the hydrating treatment as you sleep.

· Makeup-Brush Cleaner :

Cleaning your makeup brushes should be a monthly ritual. You can use a DIY cleanser that is two parts antibacterial soap and one part olive oil.

· Prevent middle-age spread :

 Because olive oil is a calorie-dense food, it is often avoided out of fear that it will cause weight gain. However, a 2008 study showed that olive oil, along with nut oils, did not cause weight gain the way less healthy fats do.

· Make an inexpensive exfoliant that works like the most expensive spa products available

Exfoliating removes dead skin and prevents your skin from becoming dull. Mix a palmful of olive oil with a teaspoon of sugar or salt. Apply the mixture to your skin, then massage gently.

· Prevent your skin from aging prematurely :

 The same antioxidant properties that keep your red blood cells from oxidizing when you eat olive oil keep your skin cells from oxidizing when you apply it topically. The antioxidant hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E help to prevent cell degeneration in your skin.

· Never clog your pores or cause pimples :

Olive oil penetrates the skin, leaving your skin silky smooth with no greasy feeling.

· Prevent sagging skin :

 The squalene in olive oil increases your skins elasticity, leaving it firmly toned with a bright, youthful glow.

· Team up with mashed avocado for a homemade facial mask  :

Mix olive oil with a mashed ripe avocado into a paste. Smooth onto your face or another area that needs moisturizing and rejuvenating. Allow to sit for 15 minutes, then rinse.

· Make you less hungry :

 Olive oil makes you feel sated and tends to make you eat less and have fewer sugar cravings.

· Make your arteries more elastic :

Two tablespoons daily makes you more resistant to strokes and heart attack.

· Reduce bad cholesterol  levels :

 Olive oil contains polyphenols, which help to keep your levels of LDL cholesterol within healthy ranges.

· Treat sunburn :

 Olive oil soothes the pain of mild sunburn by helping skin retain its moisture. Use equal parts olive oil and water in a tight-lidded container. Shake well, then apply to mild sunburn. Shake the mixture often during application to keep it from separating.

· Help fight breast cancer :

Olive oil contains phyto chemicals, and a 2008 study found that they are effecting at killing cancer cells and suppressing cancer genes.

Usage :


Zaitoon/Olive Oil do have huge benefits, likewise it has different ways of usage as per an individual choice.