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Flabia Fresh

Antibiotics Care

Veterinary Care
Dr. VETS BestZyme
Product ID: 2159
MRP : 150.00
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  • 200 ml
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Composition  :Corica papaya, Emblica officinals, Ajwain, Bara Elach, Methi, Pudina Leaf, Pipul Mool, Trifalex, Ginger, Plumbogo Zylanica, Kurchi, Sona Leaf, Aromatic Syrup.

Indications  :

Indigation, Flatulance, Functional, Dyspepsia, Hyper Acidity And Loss of appetite

Dose : 20 ml. two time per day for calf & 5 ml. two time per day for dog.

**Not For Human Use.

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