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Flabia Fresh
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MRP : 2000.00
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  • 20ml
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Flabia Fresh “Detox Spray” gives you the relief from tip to toe in just 7 seconds after spraying it over. It is beneficial for your neck, your back, your spine, tooth, headache, joint pain etc. within 7 seven seconds to 72 hours and will give you 100% result and satisfaction.

Advantages :

· Helps to prevent Tooth ache, headache, back pain, joint pain, piles, skin problems.

· Maintain BP and sugar level. Lessen the pain while periods or mensuration.

· Help reduce toxic from food and increase the natural taste.

· Reduce the amount of oil to be used if sprayed on oil packets.

How to use :

· Spray it on the pain prone area 4-5 times at an angle of 90 degree.

· Use cotton cloth where you are going to spray the same.

· Spray it on the food parcels/packets.

· Flabia Fresh “Detox Spray” is not pain killer but it is a natural product.

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