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Flabia Fresh

Antibiotics Care

Agro Care
Product ID: 2125
MRP : 250.00
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  • 100ml
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It is most effective as a tank side adjuvant when spray mixtures are with in the PH range of 5-8 and are used 24 hours within preparation of the spray solution. 

Potential applications :

STICKER-100 is compatible with most agrochemicals, i.e. insecticide, fungicide and herbicide and also with plant growth regulator, fertilizer, micro nutrient.

Dose : 5-7 ml./15 liter of water use rates depend on crop, stage, agrochemical & spray volume requirement.

Direction for use : 


Strictly follow agrochemicals, PGR’s and fertilizers label instruction for tank filling, fill water volume to only 90% add STICKER-100, mix throughly and the remaining water.

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