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Description :

It is well known in the epics that Tulsi is known for its medicinal values. Tulsi is worshipped in Hindu religion/ rituals. It is a religious practice to water mother Tulsi. Apart from rituals and religion, Tulsi itself holds the position to be the Worlds best medicinal plant which has properties like anti – oxidant, anti – aging, anti – viral, anti – bacterial, anti – flu, etc 

Flabia Fresh (PANCH TULSI DROP) is the liquid extract of five types of tulsi i.e. Drudriha Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Shama Tulsi, Babi tulsi and Tukshmiya Tulsi that is mixed in very effective proportion. Flabia Fresh Tulsi Drop has a lot of benefits. It has super natural health curing qualities and helpful in all types of Allergies. It has beneficial effect on mind and body. It gives relaxation to mind and body. Scientists have also acknowledged the medicinal properties of Tulsi.

Flabia Fresh Pancha Tulsi Drop contains approved class II preservatives. No added sugar, vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Flabia Fresh Pancha Tulsi Drop :

· Flabia Fresh Panch Tulsi Drop is an extract of five types of Tulsi.

· It is useful in more than 200 diseases like flu, swine flu, dengue, joint pain, stone, blood pressure, excess weight, diabetes, allergy, hepatitis, burning sensation, urine related problem, gout, piles, pyria, hemorrhage, swollen lungs, ulcer, lack of semen, etc.

· It is very effective in cough, cold, acidity, constipation, stomach ache and abdominal pain.

· Helps to get rid of viral and seasonal fever, swelling in lungs, hypertension, chest, congestion, fatigue and vomiting.

· Its is very effective in obesity, arthritis, asthma, anemia and ulcer.

· Keeps away the deadly fevers away like dengue, malaria, swine flu, etc.

· It is very helpful in controlling diabetes.

· It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral action.

· It helps in getting from the problem of sore throat, running nose, cold, etc.

· Its acts as immunity booster.

· Useful for adjuvant in respiratory condition, adjuvant in digestion, adjuvant in skin conditions.

· It gives relief from the pain of burning caused by fire.

· Flabia Fresh Panch Tulsi  helps in getting relieve from throat ache and mouth ulcer.

· To get rid of mosquitoes, its suggested to mix 8-10 drops of Tulsi drop with Flabia Fresh body oil and apply on full body.

· It can also be used while taking bath to get rid of skin problems. For this Tulsi needs to be mixed in a bucket of water.

· To get rid of lice mix equal quantity of Tulsi drop and lime juice which needs to be applied to the hair, and can wash after 3 hours for better result.

· Flabia Fresh Tulsi acts as a heart stimulator. Its regular use will help to maintain cholesterol level. Heart attack can be kept at bay.

· To get rid of bad breathe, take 1-2 drop of Tulsi after meal.

· To control hair fall, graying of hair and dandruff, one has to use 8-10 drops of Tulsi drop with Flabia Fresh Alopecs hair oil. For better result apply to the roots of hair and keep for an overnight.

· A drop of Tulsi will be very much effective in sinusitis and the issues related to nose

· Mix 4-5 drops of Tulsi in warm water, start gargling to get rid of problems related to teeth, mouth ulcer, vocal issues, throat,etc. 

Directions For Use : 


Take 1-2 drop of Flabia Fresh Pancha Tusli In a glass of water/tea (without milk).