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  • Size : 30ml
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Description :

Flabia Fresh Anti-Addiction Drop is  a Halal  and Kosher certified has been produced under International GMP regulations. It is a combination of unique blend of ancient herbs which are internationally known to quit tobacco/smoking/alcohol and then helps in balancing the emotions, mental and psychological responses of human being  and also gradually by eliminating to crave for these  addictions. Thus, provides long lasting relief from any kind of harmful addiction. Also it restores the condition of the body and supplies essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the body that has been damaged by consumption of various kind of addiction.

Benefits related to this product:

It is composed of various natural ingredients like Solanum Xanthocarpum,  Peuraria Lobata, Polygala Tenuifolia Extract, Glycyrohzia Glabra, Drug Nirvana Plus, Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo, Radix Notoginseng, Radix Ginseng,etc. Though is a loaded composition, it has various benefits.

1) It is an anti-addiction ayurveda treatment to help you get  out of dreadful addiction habits like cigarettes, alcohols, tobacco, etc.

2) Anti-addiction drop is one the best product to get you out of various different addiction.

3)  As it is composed of various ingredients, it is helpful for human body and helps you to overcome addiction problems.

4)  It has no side effects, instead it helps in improving overall mental strength and will power to quit addiction.

5) It helps in protecting liver, lungs and drying of throat which are mainly cause after coming into addiction stage.

6) It helps in curing multiple complications after or during drug rehabilitation period, eliminating addiction of tobacco/smoking/alcohol.

7) Helps in decreasing the desire for drug, resisting convulsion, stimulating blood circulation, relieving the mental stress, lowering blood pressure and keeping the body calm.

8)  It can be used for long period of time as the product itself carries huge benefits.

Directions  For Use : Take 10 drops twice a day (morning and evening), needs to be mixed with water(cold/warm/lukewarm/) or can be consumed  directly with a glass of water/juice. For better result take 6-12 months regularly.