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Flabia Fresh

Antibiotics Care

Personal Care
Skin Care
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Flabia Fresh Nourishing Gel nourishes the skin from the outside-in. This gel has an ability to penetrate into skin from the outside and bringing about results to the outer layer of the skin. Essentially, nourishing gel means you get more than just hydration: you get nutrients, and your oil levels are being replenished. It will feel richer. Especially great for dry skin.

Benefits of Flabia Fresh Nourishing Gel :

· Absorbs quickly.

· Provides a water-light feel on skin.

· It revitalize skin to lock in moisture.

· Lasting hydration for skin.

· Skin looks healthier and more radiant.

· Skin feels smooth, soft and refreshed.

· Contains Natural Marine Ingredient that absorbs excess sebum while helping to moisturize dry areas, adjusting to combination skin needs.

· Skin looks radiant and translucent, healthier, with a vibrant glow.

 How to use?

Take appropriate amount of the gel. Massage gently with gel in circular motion. In case of oily skin, keep it at least for 10 minutes. Apply 2-3 times daily. For better result use daily.

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