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Flabia Fresh


The Management Team is the amalgamation of experiences and the skills who is pioneering the acute force of Direct Selling within the country. Here in Flabia Fresh, every professional is learnt to become a successful entrepreneur through direct selling and henceforth creating opportunities through products & services in terms of its conceptions as well as in learning.

Dr. S P Goswain

Managing Director
Flabia Fresh

Dr. S.P. Goswain who turned to an entrepreneur from Doctor through the introduction of Flabia Fresh with a strong vision to bring innovative ideas in the business since 2014, in the arena of direct selling. Being an M.D, it is his brain child which has started to run from the phase of crawling to standing. Through the application of direct selling concept his vision is to enrich every people by strengthening their own income, generating tangible & intangible assets and acquiring great wealth at zero risk through minimal financial commitment. An awesome combination of highly integrated marketable research products with target based business plan is an outstanding formula for the achievement of his successful business.

Dr. S.P. Goswain, through the combination of enriched business acumen and excellent leadership skills has developed a great name and a brand in the business community in India.

His education & learning about conceptualization, planning, designing, monitoring and successful implementation of projects related to health care, hygiene, beauty & personal care along with agro products claim a path redefining concept in this world of modern business model on herbal products.

Holding an enormous experience in the industry of direct selling, he has contributed his worth by adding new changes & new facets into the approach towards the Industry.

Dr.S.P.Goswain has an effective measurement about the creation of new business opportunities from new customers by mutual cooperation of both. He has always believed in going to the depth of customer requirements with innovative thoughts and high-end solutions to achieve their desired goals and specifications. Since he has stepped into this field he provides feasible and to the point solutions. Under his strong leadership, Flabia Fresh has been striving not only to achieve number one position but also to maintain for a longer period in this conglomerate.

Mrs. Chandrima Goswain

Flabia Fresh

Being another Director of Flabia Fresh she has contributed her authentic visionary and more than a decade experience in terms of training and development to strengthen the power by stretching the hands of cooperation, started the same venture from the year 2014 onwards.

As a Director Mrs. Goswain has a deep understanding of the challenges about business-building from a director perspective. Her invaluable insight & authentic business development skills are the core effectiveness in Flabia Fresh’s customer relations and motivational enhancement.