The Management Team at Flabia Fresh has the combined experience of pioneering Direct Selling in the country. The professionals involved in establishing direct selling companies and making them successful have turned entrepreneurs to bring forth the best of Opportunity and Products through Flabia Fresh.

Dr. S P Goswain

Managing Director

Dr. S.P.Goswain (MD) of the company since 2014, is an entrepreneur with a strong vision to bring in new innovations in the business of direct selling though introduction of Flabia Fresh Pvt. Ltd, his brain child into reality.

Through the direct selling concept of Flabia Fresh Pvt. Ltd, his vision is to enrich every people with the strength to build on their own income, generating asset and acquiring great wealth at a nil risk and through minimal financial commitment. The awesome combination of highly integrated research products and topped by a superior business plan is a definite formula for the success of his business.

Dr.S.P.Goswain through his enriched business acumen and his great leadership qualities combined has come a very long way to establish for himself a great name in the business community of India.

His vision of conceptualization, planning, designing, monitoring and successful implementation of project on products of health care, hygiene, beauty and personal care as well as agro products has in itself become a path defining concept in this world of modern herbal products business models.

Holding a profound experience in the industry of direct selling, he has provided his worth in the field by introducing new changes and new facets into the approach towards direct selling industry.

Dr. S P Goswain a brilliant skill set in maintaining existing direct selling businesses and creating opportunities to churn new businesses from new customers. He has always believed in going to the depth of customer requirements and coming up with most creative and high-end solutions to meet their specifications. Providing feasible and subtle solutions has been one of his motives since he has stepped into this field. He conceptualizes plans and implements effective processes to drive business growth. Under his strong leadership, Flabia Fresh Pvt. Ltd. will strive to achieve and hold on to number one position in the industry. Thus, Flabia Fresh Pvt. Ltd look forward to establish ourselves as a successful direct selling company.

Mrs. Chandrima Goswain


Mrs. Chandrima Goswain the Director of the Flabia Fresh Pvt. Ltd., has more than a decade’s experience in the direct selling industry. She is an entrepreneur and visionary. She started Flabia Fresh in 2014.

As a Director Mrs. Chandrima Goswain has a deep understanding of the challenges of business-building from a director perspective. Her invaluable insight and business-building skills have been central to the effectiveness of Flabia Fresh’s customer relations and development.