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Flabia Fresh


Values and ethics in simple words mean principle or code of conduct that govern business transactions. Nowadays business ethics determine the fundamental purpose of existence of a company and we are strictly in a position to maintain in proper manner. Through the application of these values we are trying to become one of the main pioneer in Direct Selling Industries….

  1. Growth & Development : The first part of values comes through “Growth & Development”. It clearly means Flabia always works for rapid growth & development for the betterment of the business.
  2. Customer Satisfaction : The second point comes through this point. That is we always give priority to the interest of the customer ahead of one’s own.
  3. Passion & Commitment : The third part is completely involved with this point. We are always very passionate to our performance and are committed to growth.
  4. Honesty : Our fourth point is “Honesty”. This is one of the most important core values because if anyone is honest, the performance should not be a bar for this person.
  5. Autonomy : This fifth point clearly serves as a thought that everyone should be independent to work and can make the decision by his/her own accordingly.
  6. Adaptability : Our final core value lies into this point which means everyone is always ready to adjust either in any conditions or in any changes.