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FLABIA FRESH truly believes that you deserve the highest standard of life style, so we works to create a better future every day and helps people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services, those are good for them as well as good for others.

five years experience makes us the best


Flabia Fresh 08:25 am

The day we begin

15 April 2014

An era is started in Direct Sailing Industry by a renowned Doctor when a child namely Flabia Fresh has started to crawl when the number of initial product introduction was 20+

Flabia Fresh 10:00 am

Growing Up Company

15 April 2015

Now it is the suitable time to increase the number of products. Naturally for specific categories are fixed, those are Health Care, Beauty Care, Personal Care and lastly Agro Care

Flabia Fresh 11:35 am

Upward Progress

15 April 2016

Flabia has established its brand in Direct Selling Companie now. Normally competition started to prevail and existence of consumer capacity has followed its upward trend

Flabia Fresh 11:35 am

Establishment of Company Strategy

15 April 2017

Prime catch about using the products by specific customer category is established. Research based an area wise marketing showed its upliftment

Flabia Fresh 11:35 am

Factory Inauguration

15 April 2018

Introduction of factory namely Flabia Herbal Pvt. Ltd. is actualised. The baby has converted to a matured man with more than 122 products. Revenue is also into a good shape

and the journey continues ... Flabia Fresh


Our brands live at the heart of life, touch millions of people every day, come see what we're so excited about

With over several brands spanning five distinct categories such as Agro Care, Beauty Care, Food & Beverage, Health Care, Personal Care, the Company is a part of the everyday life of millions of consumers across India. Its portfolio includes leading household brands such as Flabia, Biotouch, Aroma Queen, Sweet Dream, Kitchen Queen, DigBoy, Nababi, PearlSmile.

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We are the top-rated direct selling business in India. We do not sell medicine. Offered products are made up of high quality natural ingredients. We are the top 10 direct selling companies using most natural and organic supplements for our customers. We know our products shall meet the desire of our clients. Let's taste the reality now...

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